Class of 2018 Titleholders

Little Miss of America State Titleholders:

  • Little Miss of Arkansas
    Amelia Lisowe

  • Little Miss of Georgia
    Kayla Jasko

  • Little Miss of Florida
    Kenley McKenna

  • Little Miss of Illinois
    Jordynn Huskisson

  • Little Miss of Indiana
    Violet Stavitzke

  • Little Miss of Texas
    Sarah Addison

  • Little Miss of Virginia
    Lauryn Lynch

Young Miss of America State Titleholders:

  • Young Miss of Georgia
    Isabella Castleberry

  • Young Miss of New York
    Kiana Hahn

  • Young Miss of Texas
    Cathryn Turner

Junior Miss of America State Titleholders:

  • Junior Miss of Colorado
    Baylee Dorcey

  • Junior Miss of Florida
    Erica Carnegie

  • Junior Miss of Georgia
    AnaBeth Waters

  • Junior Miss of the Keystone State
    Megan Shutes

  • Junior Miss of the Lone Star State
    Whitney Tubbs

  • Junior Miss of the Peach State
    Diana Sethna

  • Junior Miss of the Southeast
    Savoie Srodulski

  • Junior Miss of Southern States
    Caroline Martin

  • Junior Miss of Texas
    Macy McDonald

Miss Teen of America State Titleholders:

  • Miss Teen of Arizona
    Camilla O’Donnell

  • Miss Teen of Colorado
    Lilly Hodge

  • Miss Teen of the Empire State
    Charnae Payne

  • Miss Teen of Illinois
    Cassidy Tucker

  • Miss Teen of Indiana
    Molly Kennedy

  • Miss Teen of Maryland
    Lindsay Jones

  • Miss Teen of New York
    Kiara Carrion

  • Miss Teen of South Georgia
    Kaylie Hunter

  • Miss Teen of Texas
    Caitlin Garcia

Miss of America 2018:

  • Miss of Georgia
    Abby Callaway

  • Miss of Illinois
    Maria Mendoza

  • Miss of Iowa
    Madilyn Ulrich

  • Miss of Kansas
    Christina Million

  • Miss of the Lone Star State
    LaDonna Evans

  • Miss of Michigan
    Savannah Fraser

  • Miss of Nevada
    Alexa Miller

  • Miss of South Georgia
    Abby Bradshaw