National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day

Happy National Siblings Day! As it is such a special occasion, I would like to turn the spotlight away from myself and towards those who have supported me, provided me with endless amounts of laughter, and have been my shoulders to cry on throughout this entire process and throughout life in general, my siblings–both the one that is biological and those who have become like siblings to me throughout the years. All of these people are beyond special to me.

First is my little brother, Noah, my only biological sibling and my favorite person on the planet. Noah, thank you for being my partner in crime, sarcasm, and all things mischevious. We are quite the unstoppable duo with our wit, humor, and impeccible music taste. I miss you everyday I'm away at college, Bubba. I am so incredibly proud of the person you are becoming, bad puns and all. Thank you for being the Eliza to my Angelica Schuyler, even though you would definitely prefer to sing the Hamilton parts instead. I love you, Bub. 

Next, are all of my cousins. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised alongside my cousins, making us all (almost 30 of us) basically siblings. Thank you for all of the laughs and memories throughout the years–for doing my makeup, the late night heart to hearts, teaching me how to cook (kinda), and letting me practice my (almost nonexistant) photography skills on y'all. It has been a priveledge to grow up with y'all by my side. I could not image a childhood without all of our shenanegans. I love y'all.

I would like to thank my friends next, those who are not related to me at all, but still choose put up with me (you know who you are). You guys are my honorary brothers and sisters. From pageantry to theatre to school/college, I have met so many beautiful souls who have helped shape me into the person I am today. I am so thankful for you all and the endless love, support, and advice that you fill my life with. Thank you for continuously pushing me out of my comfort zone, whether it means convincing me to audition for that new play or draggin me on an adventure to the tippy top of the Taxas Capitol Building. I love y'all and all of the laughs and memories we have had together. 

I am beyond thankful to have so many amazing "siblings" impact my life in so many ways. They deserve so much more than a mere thank you in a blog post because they are constant providers of laughter, memories, and lessons learned. Thank you all for being a part of my life, despite whether of not you had a choice to be.




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