Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the Miss Teen of America Organization?

A РThe Miss Teen of America Scholarship and Recognition Pageant was founded in 1983 by Mr. Warren Alexander, a former educator and pageant director, and designed to help America’s youth reach their full potential. The scholastically based pageant recognizes young women for their outstanding personal achievements, leadership abilities, and artistic, creative or athletic talents. With no judging focused on beauty or attire, the pageant strives to promote confidence and an Accent on Achievement. In 2017, the Miss Teen of America Organization rebranded as American Pageants to include additional age divisions: Little Miss of America, Young Miss of America , Junior Miss of America and Miss Teen of America.

Q – How old do you have to be to compete?

A – Your age division is determined by your age as of January 1, 2017.

Little Miss of America Division is 7 to 9 years old. Date of birth must be between 01/02/2007 and 01/01/2010 for the 2017 competition.
Young Miss of America Division is 10 to 12 years old. Date of birth must be between 01/02/2004 and 01/01/2007 for the 2017 competition.
Junior Miss of America Division is 13 to 15 years old. Date of birth must be between 01/02/2001 and 01/01/2004 for the 2017 competition.
Miss Teen of America Division is 16 to 18 years old. Date of birth must be between 01/02/1998 and 01/01/2001 for the 2017 competition.

Q – How did I (my daughter) receive this invitation?

A – Your daughter has received this information because she has been recognized publicly for her achievements.

Q – How do I request paperwork?

A – It is so easy! You can apply right here on our website! Follow this link.

Q – Do I have to wear a swimsuit on stage?

A – No. There is not a swimsuit competition within our Judging Criteria.

Q – Will I have to perform a talent?

A – While we do not require a talent performance within our official preliminary competition, you can feature all of your talents and skills on your Personal Development Resume. Find out more here. However, if you do have a performing talent, do not worry! We do offer an optional talent competition!

Q – What optional events do you offer?

A – Photogenic, Talent, Runway Model, Sportswear just to name a few! Your candidate packet will have all the details you will need about the optional competitions.

Q – Who will be guiding my daughter through the pageant weekend?

A – Your daughter will be guided by an excellent staff, which includes Miss Teen of America staff, past titleholders, former participants and experienced chaperones.

Q – Why should we participate in the Miss Teen of America program?

A – As you read the materials provided, we hope that you will discover the positive influence that the Miss Teen of America Pageant will have on your daughter, and we welcome you to come and experience this influence at activities throughout the weekend.

Q – Are parents/family allowed to attend the pageant?

A – All family is invited to attend pageant events open to the public. You are, of course, a major reason why your daughter is an exceptional person and we hope that you will support her efforts to participate in this pageant.

Q – What is the cost to enter?

A – The fee to enter the pageant is $350 and can be paid through sponsorship or through personal funds. Sponsors will be advertised in the State Souvenir Program Book. Helpful information pertaining to securing sponsorship will be included in the information packet, which will be sent once your application has been received.

Q – What does the sponsorship fee go towards?

A – The fees help cover prize packages, scholarships, meals, meeting spaces, and weekend expenses.

Q – Who can sponsor me?

A – Family, friends, businesses can all be sponsors.

Q – Where can I get ideas and help on how to get sponsors?

A – Check out this page of ideas of fundraisers and information on how to approach sponsors.

Q – Can we pay the sponsorship fee by Credit Card?

A – Yes, you can call our office at 952.405.8882 and we can take your payment over the phone. You can also pay online at the pay feature at the top of the page!

Q – Where do I mail my application and/or sponsorship checks?

A – Please mail to American Pageants PO Box 582451 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55458

Q – What are the wardrobe requirements?

A – Check out the What Do I Wear Brochure.

Opening Production Outfit: The Pageant Finals will open with a Production Number. Each Candidate is required to wear an outfit in red or white, or a combination of both colors. The outfit may be patterned or solid. Your shoes may be white, red or red & white.

Interview: Dress, suit, or skirt and blouse that you would wear to church, to an important daytime occasion or to a job interview.

Personality Projection & Poise in Formalwear: Your formal dress should be floor length. It can be in any color or style. The most important consideration is that it is age appropriate and you are confident while wearing it! Helpful hint: Make sure to practice walking in your dress and shoes before the pageant weekend!

For the rest of the weekend, you may relax in your favorite casual clothes and comfortable shoes for downtime and rehearsals.

Q – What if I don’t have many activities to put down?

A – List what you can think of for now and make sure to list how long you have been participating in your activities. Some people have just a few activities but have been committed to those for a long time!

Q – Can my friend compete?

A – Absolutely! We love for candidates to recommend their friends to participate. Send her the link and invite her to apply as well!