Frequently Asked Questions

The Miss Teen of America Scholarship and Recognition Pageant was founded in 1983 by Mr. Warren Alexander, a former educator and pageant director, and designed to help America’s youth reach their full potential. The scholastically based pageant recognizes young women for their outstanding personal achievements, leadership abilities, and artistic, creative or athletic talents. With no judging focused on beauty or attire, the pageant strives to promote confidence and an Accent on Achievement. In 2017, the Miss Teen of America Organization rebranded as American Pageants to include additional age divisions that were previously branded under Distinguished Youth of America. American Pageants now crowns Little Miss of America (ages 7-9), Young Miss of America (ages 10-12), Junior Miss of America (ages 13-15), Miss Teen of America (ages 16-18) and Miss of America (ages 19-26).
Your age division is determined by your age on July 1, 2019 Little Miss of America Division is 7 to 9 years old. Young Miss of America Division is 10 to 12 years old. Junior Miss of America Division is 13 to 15 years old. Miss Teen of America Division is 16 to 18 years old. Miss of America Division is 19 to 26 years old. Your age on July 1 will be used to determine division even if you move up a division between then and the national competition.
All you have to do is fill out a free application on our website! Apply today!
If a state does not have an official state director or state pageant, you can still compete at nationals with an appointed title! Fill out a free application today!
An appointed title can be awarded to an applicant that resides in a state or region that does not have a local competition. Appointed titles are awarded through an application process. An appointed title gives you the same benefits without having to compete in your local competition!
If your state has a pageant, appointed titles are not available. You can apply for the next state pageant!
No. There is not a swimsuit competition within our Judging Criteria.
While we do not require a talent performance within our official preliminary competition, you can feature all of your talents and skills on your Personal Development Resume. However, if you do have a performing talent to show off, we do offer an optional talent competition!
Photogenic, Talent, Fun Fashion, Sportswear just to name a few! A full list with descriptions can be found here.
As you research us, we hope that you will discover the positive influence that American Pageants will have on you. We know that you will love the family atmosphere we've worked hard to build!
Everyone is invited to attend pageant events open to the public. Your supporters are, of course, a major reason why you are an exceptional person and we hope that you will bring your cheerleaders along to celebrate your excellence and achievements!
Information about our fees can be found here:
The fees help cover prize packages, scholarships, events, meeting spaces, and other pageant expenses.
Absolutely! Anyone can sponsor your pageant expenses. Family, friends, businesses can all be sponsors.
You can also pay online at the pay feature at the top of the page!
Actually, the single resume is broken down into 3 parts which are each worth 15%. That way, if you aren't as strong in one area, it can be made up in another.
Absolutely not! Our program is great for both seasoned competitors and newbies alike! Both experienced and inexperienced girls have won titles in our system. Both experienced and inexperienced girls have seen personal growth by participating in our system.
American Pageants does not have an official rule regarding stage makeup for any age division. However, we strongly urge you to stay true to yourself and appear your age. The judges will be looking for someone who is age appropriate and approachable. For interview, candidates competing for Little Miss (ages 7-9) and Young Miss (ages 10-12) should not wear makeup.
Check with your state director to find out costs and promotions available in your area!
Appointed Titles do not have a non-compete clause. National Titles cannot compete for another title during their reign. If your state has a director, please contact your director to find out more about state title rules.
No. That is against the rules. Your appointed title is awarded with the stipulation that you will compete at the national pageant.
1. Participants must between 7 and 26 years old as of July 1 prior to the competition. 2. Participants must be a resident of the United States and have a residence, attend school, or work in the state she is representing. 3. Participants must never have been married, have had a marriage annulled, or have been pregnant. 4. The participant who wins the state title will represent the state at the National Pageant. 5. In the event that a State Titleholder is disqualified or chooses to relinquish her title, another candidate can be chosen to compete at Nationals in her place. 6. State Titleholders must commit to continue to the next level of competition or forfeit her title and prize package. Additional Terms of Entry may be found in our Terms & Conditions.