Judging Criteria

The American Pageants’ Judging Criteria is unique because it offers a variety of categories for the express purpose of providing a balanced judging format focused on achievement.

Resume 45%

Each candidate will submit three resumes. The resumes are judged based on extent of involvement, significance of contribution, devotion to cause, general enthusiasm, and overall professionalism.

Resume 1 – Personal Development of Talents & Skills (15%)

This two-page resume encompasses the special skills, hobbies, and interests candidates have developed. This could include athletics, studies in music or dance, and special hobbies ranging from sewing to artwork and beyond. Camps, professional conferences, and speaking engagements can also be included.

Resume 2 – Service & Achievements in School & Community (15%)

This two-page resume includes a candidate’s list of participation in and contributions to school clubs and organizations as well as external community service. Items listed may include student government and other school clubs, civic activities such as 4-H, church involvement, and all volunteer work.

Resume 3 – Scholastic & Professional Record (15%) 

Candidates enrolled in school will submit their most recent end-of-year report card or transcript. If the candidate has academic accolades (such as SAT scores, class rank, valedictorian status, etc) or professional or workforce experience, that information should be included on the provided one-page resume.

General Awareness Test 15% * 

To determine the general awareness of a candidate, this multiple choice test is designed to measure their knowledge of current events and trivia. This test not only assesses their understanding of the world around them, but also provides an insight into their critical thinking, problem solving and overall knowledge base. The GA Test will be administered immediately following orientation.

* Youth Division candidates (Little and Young) do not take the General Awareness Test

Personality Projection & Poise in Evening Wear 15%

Each candidate will present herself onstage in an age-appropriate formal dress of her choosing. The walking pattern will be provided at the National Pageant. Candidates will walk up to a microphone and introduce themselves onstage, focusing on effective use of the microphone, clear and articulate speech, and confidence. Introductions may include information such as hometown or school, future plans, or an interesting fact. Statements should be original and showcase the candidate’s personality.

Interview 25%

Each candidate will have a private seven minute interview with a panel of judges, allowing the panel to get to know their personality and qualifications. During the interview, candidates should be confident, articulate, and professional to demonstrate they are best fit to represent American Pageants Inc. Questions will be formed from the resumes submitted and relevant to the candidate’s age division.

Final Show

During the final show, candidates will re-compete in Evening Wear and answer an onstage interview question formed from the resumes submitted.

Youth Division Scoring

Since the Youth Division (Little and Young) do not participate in the General Awareness test, the scoring percentages for these candidates are as follows:
Resume 1 – 20%
Resume 2 – 20%
Resume 3 – 20%
Personality Projection & Poise in Evening Wear – 15%
Judge’s Interview – 25%