Preliminary Judging Criteria

The American Pageants’ Judging Criteria is unique because it offers a variety of categories for the express purpose of providing a totally fair, balanced and thorough judging format.

Resume 45%

Each candidate will submit a single resume encompassing all talents, skills, extracurricular activities, scholastics, achievements, successes and related honors. The resume will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will look for the extent of involvement, significance of contribution, devotion of cause, and general enthusiasm. The resume should be divided into the sections listed below. Individually each section will be worth 15% of the preliminary score.

Personal Development of Talents & Skills

Personal Development of Talents & Skills encompasses all of the special skills, abilities, hobbies and interests which candidates may have developed. In short, anything pursued to make the candidate a more well-rounded individual. Activities may include athletic, studies in music or dance and special hobbies ranging from sewing to art work to photography. This category seeks to recognize personal interests and encouragement of developing talents and skills in those areas.

Service & Achievements in School & Community

Service & Achievements in School & Community includes candidate’s list of participation in and contributions to school clubs and organizations as well as external community involvement. Items listed may include student government, peer-assistance or civic activities such as 4-H, church involvement, and all volunteer work. Leadership qualities will be stressed in the review of the resume.

Scholastic & Professional Record

A candidate’s scholastic record resume includes a transcript or end of year report card as an attachment. Points of consideration include over-all scholastic average, nature of classes taken, class rank (if available), and significant test scores. On the Scholastic Resume portion, academic achievements and/or related honors are of specific interest. Classroom attitudes and general scholastic attributes will also be evaluated. If candidate has held positions in the workforce, professional experience, achievements, promotions, and related honors should be included. If this is the case, a professional resume should also be attached.

Personality Projection & Poise in Evening Wear: 20%

Each candidate will present themselves onstage in a formal dress of her choosing. She will be scored on the suitability of attire and grooming, carriage, posture and most importantly – projection of her personality, poise, and confidence. Attire and grooming should reflect a positive image and therefore be age appropriate.

Judge’s Interview: 30%

Each candidate will be interviewed by a panel of judges. Judges will be looking for such qualities as clarity of expression, verbal command, sincerity, perception, sense of values, friendliness, courtesy, tactfulness, poise, self-confidence, and most importantly, over-all ability in human relations and personality.

Personal Introduction: 5%

Candidates will introduce themselves on stage and include information such as their hometown or school, future plans, or an interesting fact. Statements should be original and infused with personality. Judging will be based on effective use of the microphone, clear and articulate speech, confidence and general presentation.


BONUS – Available for Junior, Teen, and Miss Candidates

General Awareness: 5%

At the pageant, each candidate will take a written test designed to measure her awareness of the world around her. This is NOT an intelligence or a scholastic-oriented test, but rather it seeks to measure a candidate’s familiarity with teen fads, fashions, and current events concentrating on politics, television, literature, and sports. Knowledge of school related material and common sense are also covered.

Final Show Judging Criteria