Final Show Judging Criteria

After the preliminary competition is complete, divisions will be narrowed down to Merit Finalist. Merit Finalists will be judged for the final round as follows:

Preliminary Score – 10%

Candidate’s overall performance in the preliminary competitions will be brought forth to finals and count for 10% of the candidate’s final score.

Final Review of Resume – 30%

Resumes will be reviewed a final time with each category weighing 10% each.

Personal Introduction – 15%

Judging will be based on effective use of the microphone, clear and articulate speech, confidence and general presentation.

Onstage Question – 25%

Onstage Question takes place of the Judge’s Interview during the final event. Judging will be based on ability to process and respond quickly while also considering candidate’s clear and articulate speech, confidence and general presentation. For junior age divisions (ages 7 to 12), onstage questions will be generic “fish bowl” questions. The questions will not be given in advance. For senior age divisions (ages 13+), the question will be created from a topic found on the candidate’s resume and personalized to each individual.

Personality Projection & Poise in Evening Wear– 20%

Each candidate will present themselves onstage in a formal dress of her choosing. She will be scored on the suitability of attire and grooming, carriage, posture and most importantly – projection of her personality, poise, and confidence. Attire and grooming should reflect a positive image and therefore be age appropriate.


Final Question – Soundproof Booth

If the division is a suitable size, a final “Soundproof Booth” question will be asked. All remaining candidates will be asked the same exact question. This question is not intended to MAKE or BREAK anyone or in better words… it is not intended to make anyone WIN or LOSE. It is intended to be a tiebreaker or a confirmation of decisions for the judges. It may not even be a tiebreaker for the title… it could be for a runner up! Sometimes this question may be serious. Sometimes it may be fun. This final tiebreaker is judged by final ballot.