Junior Miss of America 2021

Emily Russack

Emily is currently a junior at Maine South High School in Illinois. In addition to being a full-time student, she has plenty of hobbies. A few demonstrate her love to create like her makeup Instagram account that showcases makeup looks she has done with her hashtag #createconfidently! She also loves the stage as she has been in 1 show and 3 showcases throughout her various years in CYT(Christian Youth Theatre).

In addition to her hobbies and school, Emily has had an interesting upbringing. Born in California, she soon moved to Hong Kong where she lived for 4 years. During that time she traveled to South Korea, Thailand, and The Philippines. Emily credits these experiences as the ones that have made her open-minded, adaptive, and experienced in various cultures. With the hope to continue learning about different religions firsthand, she enjoys going to various religious services. She currently takes those virtues into her daily life and community work.

Over her year as your Junior Miss of America, she hopes to continue her platform The Great Need to Read, and servicing her community. She hopes to continue spreading the message that women involved in pageants are more than just a pretty face, but have a beautiful mind!

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