Miss of America 2023

Morgan Powell

Introducing Morgan Powell, reigning as the esteemed Miss of America and formerly holding the title of Miss of the Northeast. Hailing from the beautiful state of Maryland, Morgan is a beacon of intelligence, compassion, and drive.
With a passion for teaching, Morgan earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Bowie State University, setting a strong foundation for her journey in academia. She continued her pursuit of knowledge, earning a Master’s Degree in Education from the same institution. Morgan’s journey, once rooted in teaching, has now evolved as she dedicates her expertise as an academic advisor. Her commitment to education and personal growth shines through every endeavor she undertakes.
Morgan’s interests are as diverse as they are captivating. She finds solace and creativity in the art of bookbinding, preserving the written word in a tangible and meaningful way. As an avid reader, she immerses herself in the world of literature, constantly seeking inspiration and insight.
Beyond her personal interests, Morgan is very involved with her community. As a mentor for Girl Scouts, she empowers young girls to dream big and achieve their goals. As a softball coach, imparts life skills and nurtures teamwork, fostering growth on and off the field. Her involvement in church events speaks to her dedication to making a positive impact in every corner of her community.
Morgan’s platform, “Beyond the Field”, underscores her commitment to uplifting others. With an unwavering dedication to the mental health of college athletes. She spearheads a program that provides essential support and resources. As Miss of America, she envisions expanding this crucial initiative across the nation, touching the lives of college students.
As she graces the stage as Miss of America, she shines a spotlight on the importance of education, community service, and mental health advocacy.

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