Miss Teen of America 2023

Taylor Claire Warner

Taylor Claire Warner was excited to return as Miss Teen of the Pacific Northwest 2023. She began her journey with American Pageants in 2021 as Miss Teen of Arizona, fell in love with the values and experience that she had that year, and decided to return to the pageant stage. She will be entering her second year at Boise State University where she is the Featured Baton Twirler with the Blue Thunder Marching Band. After her first season with the band, she received the “Outstanding Freshman of the Year” award through her incredible performance skills and ability to engage with football fans. Her passion for this sport has taken her all across the world, from performing in Dublin, Ireland with her school in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade to Red Deer, Canada in the Pan Pacific International Cup. She strives to exemplify her platform “Perseverance, Persistence, and Practice” by being a role model to others about how following your dreams and staying consistent with your aspirations can lead you to your goals.

When she isn’t baton twirling for the Broncos, Taylor Claire spends her time fostering an uplifting environment in Boise. Some of her favorite ways to give back to her community are by sending encouraging messages to her local children’s hospital, volunteering around her campus, and helping with events such as concerts or new student activities. She is studying Accountancy with a minor in Information Technology Management in hopes to become a CPA for a major firm.

In her free time, she loves being outdoors by hiking and floating down the Boise River. She loves taking workout classes with her friends, attending sporting events, and is always excited to try the newest coffee shop Boise has to offer.

Taylor Claire is honored to be Miss Teen of America 2023, and she is excited to inspire and motivate others to become the best version of themselves.

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