Miss Teen of America 2021

   Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin was selected as Miss Teen of Georgia in October of 2019. A little over a year
later, she had the opportunity to compete in Atlanta, Georgia at Nationals. During the American
Pageants’ Nationals, she was crowned Miss Teen of America 2021.

Before competing in Nationals, Caroline had to compete in a Preliminary Competition that
determined the Top 3 contestants in her division, of whom would compete in Nationals. Prelims
consisted of interviews, the submission of resumes, along with the sending of videos for
categories like Poise, Personality, and Projection, and a few speeches. As well as, a general
awareness test, and the answering of a virtual on-stage question. From there, at Nationals,
Caroline completed another interview, performed another speech, and answered another on-
stage question. After the stress, worry, fun, and every other emotion caused by that week,
she ended the week with the feeling of excitement for the year to come.

Originally, Caroline is from Houston, Texas; however, now she resides in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Currently, she is a senior at Allatoona High School and is set to graduate in May 2021. Caroline
would like to pursue a career in marketing, or in sports broadcasting. She has gotten to
experience doing a little bit of both and would love to explore doing either of these. Although
she doesn’t know what her future holds yet, she knows God has a plan for her. She is just
hopeful that she will be able to positively change the world in some way!

During the school year, Caroline stays very busy, as she tries to be involved as much as
possible. She is actively a part of her school’s student government as Student Affairs Director,
Lead Anchor for the school’s broadcasting team, National Honors Society, Speech and Debate
team, Beta Club, Key Club, Spirit Club, and a few other organizations. Whether she’s sitting
behind the circulation desk in the Media Center for mentorship, in a classroom teaching
Handlettering, or cheering on the baseball team as a Diamond Doll, you’ll most likely find her
somewhere on her school’s campus. When she is not on the high school campus, she is on the
college campus taking dual enrollment courses.

Even though Caroline stays busy at her school, she loves to volunteer around her community as
much as possible. The work in her community that she loves the most, is the work she does
with her platform in Children’s Literacy. In elementary school, when everyone else was learning
to read, Caroline struggled. However, she didn’t want to ask for help because she was too
embarrassed, which set her behind. Eventually, she ended up asking for help, and after working
with her amazing parents, and some awesome teachers and tutors, she started reading above
her grade’s average reading level.

While she held the title of Miss Teen of Georgia, Caroline took her own experience and turned
it into a platform to share with others. She spread her platform by visiting schools and talking to
students about the importance of asking for help. As she tells the kids, no one is perfect, and
everyone struggles with at least one thing. Whether this means struggling with reading,
struggling with confidence, whatever the struggle may be, everyone struggles with something.
Therefore, we should never be embarrassed to ask for help. The only way to succeed is to get
help from others. We can’t always do everything on our own. Caroline also likes to tell students

that no matter what, there is a book out there for everyone. So, never give up on books or
reading, because you never know what book, or adventure awaits you.
As the new Miss Teen of America, Caroline hopes to make the most of her reign. From
expanding her platform to making appearances and volunteering at more events, her upcoming
year has a lot in store. She is more than thrilled for every bit of it!

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