National Pageant Wardrobe Requirements

Get Acquainted Party:

Our opening night party on Wednesday night will be a Mask-erade Ball. For the Masquerade, feel free to wear a full ballgown, a fun fashion outfit, a cocktail dress or jumpsuit. Make it your own but don’t forget your face mask! Think about coordinating an eye mask with a face mask!

Thursday evening, after Optional Events, we will hold a Hollywood Glitz and Glamour Award Show! Wear your favorite red carpet attire – even if that means channeling James Dean by wearing jeans and a leather jacket. *Updated* This event has been moved to Friday and the awards will be given during our final show on Saturday.

State Introduction Outfit:

During the official State Introductions, each Candidate will be required to provide a 30 second speech on a famous individual from her state. The attire should resemble the famous person. For example, a candidate giving a speech on Amelia Earhart could wear aviation attire. This is not a judged event but it will be the first presentation of you publicly, so have fun with it!

Here are some examples from previous years:

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Pageant Finals Production Number Outfit:

The Pageant Finals will open with a Production Number. Each Candidate is required to wear a red (Crayola Red), white, or silver dress. Dresses with a combination of red, white and/or silver are also acceptable. The dress can be Sunday best or cocktail but should be no longer than tea length. White, silver, nude or red shoes are acceptable. Wear shoes you are comfortable moving in.

Here are some low cost options from our official sponsor GLS Collective that you can order directly from us! GLS Collective Homecoming/Opening Number


Dress, suit, or skirt and blouse that you would wear to a job interview or an important daytime occasion. Don’t forget to show a bit of your own personality but limit your accessories. Candidates competing for Little Miss (ages 7-9) and Young Miss (ages 10-12) should not wear makeup.

Here are some examples from previous years:

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Personality Projection & Poise:

Your formal gown should be floor length. It can be any color or style. The most important consideration is that it is age-appropriate. You can absolutely wear the same gown you wore in another pageant. Please remember that the judges are not looking for a dress but a confident young lady.

Here are some examples from previous years:

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