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New Jersey

Candidate states being named third runner up "is one of my greatest accomplishments, not only because of the title, but because of the experience." – Jennifer Wu, Third Runner Up, Miss Teen of New Jersey 2005

Miss Teen of America 2015-16 – Cornelia Hayes

Second graders in Jessie Hanson’s class at Rice Lake Elementary School in Maple Grove had a special visitor in their classroom. 

Miss Teen of Washington 1994 

A Former Miss Teen of Washington Shows That a Disability Need Not Be a Barrier.

Miss Teen of Colorado 2006

Annika is not the curl-your-hair, Barbie bouncy, flamboyant type, but the pageants had individual categories for academic achievement and community service that piqued her interest.

Miss Teen of Minnesota 2011

The competition highlighted Megan’s many achievements, but what’s a pageant without a runway number?  Wearing a prom dress during the formal gown walk, Megan won the final votes of the judges with her confidence, poise, and personality alone.  No spray tans, false eyelashes, or dieting.  “I didn’t do much to prepare. I think I whitened my teeth, but not even at the dentist – I used Crest Whitestrips.”