Scholarship and Prizes

Scholarship and Prizes

National Prize Package

The 2022 National Titleholders will receive a prize package similar to the one below that will be announced closer to the national event. The list below is the 2021 prize package valued at $425,000 and we’ve added more. Read about our new partnership with Hollins University and our ongoing partnership with Wesleyan University.

  • Official National Title 2021
  • Cash Scholarship
  • $64,000 Merit Scholarship to Wesleyan College- Miss Teen of America 2021
  • $60,000 Merit Scholarship to Wesleyan College- Miss Teen of America 1st Runner Up
  • $56,000 Merit Scholarship to Wesleyan College- Miss Teen of America 2nd Runner Up
  • Cash Donation towards a Special Olympics’ Inclusion Event for National R-Word Campaign: Spread the Word to End the Word
  • Custom-Designed, Handmade Crown by The Best Crowns
  • Custom Designed Rhinestone Sash by The Sash Company
  • Official Excellence Medallion
  • Gown Provided by Official Dress Sponsor: GLS Collective
  • Crown Purse Provided by Crown Couture Collection by Lindley
  • Official Photoshoots throughout the year
  • Hair and Makeup for Official Crowning Photoshoot
  • Haircare provided by oneX50
  • Personalized Omnia Garment Bag from Dream Duffel
  • Official American Pageants Portrait on 16 x 20 Canvas
  • Official American Pageants Clothing and Gifts
  • Official American Pageants Stationary
  • Official Special Olympics Clothing and Gifts
  • Official Autograph Cards
  • Two Parade Car Magnets
  • Appearance Opportunities Throughout Year of Service
  • Travel and Accommodations for the 2021 National Pageant
  • Year in Review Feature in the 2021 National Program Book
  • Custom Flower Bouquet
  • Event and Parade Allowance
  • Signed Copy of Here She Is: The Complicated Reign of the Beauty Pageant in America by Hilary Levey Friedman
  • American Pageants Blanket
  • Gift from Natalie Mills Jewelry
  • Gift Card to Café Intermezzo
  • Custom Ornament from Rep Your Reign
  • Opportunities to Attend State Pageants
  • Designer Earrings
  • Alycia Darby Win a Pageant Printable Pageant Binder
  • Alycia Darby Win a Pageant Coaching Course
  • Trip to Atlanta, Georgia for National Titleholder Retreat
  • Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Additional Travel Opportunities

2021 National Ambassador

The National Ambassador is selected based on community support and engagement. The new National Ambassador will become the official hostess of American Pageants. Her reign will be featured on the national office social media. She will conduct live events, run the official program blog, interview the titleholders, live tweet the big 3 national pageants (Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Universe) and so much more. Finally, the National Ambassador will receive a trip to the 2021 National Titleholder Photoshoot

All 2019-2020 Titleholders

All of the 2019-2020 Titleholders received the following goodies and gifts.

  • Official 2019-2020 Title
  • Custom-Designed, Handmade State Crown by The Best Crowns
  • Official American Pageants’ Sash by The Sash Company
  • Welcome Bag Provided by GLS Collective
  • Backstage touch-ups provided by Josie’s Faces, American Pageants Official Glam Squad.
  • All hairspray used backstage by the Glam Squad provided by oneX50
  • Hairspray provided by oneX50 to take home.
  • American Pageants Swag
  • 10% Off from Dream Duffel
  • Gifts during National Pageant
  • Official full color glossy, printed copy of the National Pageant Program Book
  • Official Photoshoot at AC Midtown Atlanta
  • Featured on American Pageants Social Media Throughout Year of Service
  • Potential Features on Pageant Planet
  • and more!