Seymour the Cannibal

Seymour the Cannibal

There is such a large place in my heart for the art of theatre. Acting, performing, and writing/ watching plays was such an integral part of my high school experience, and it shaped me into the person I am today. I am truly a theatre nerd, who you can catch quoting plays and musicals in casual conversations and crying over the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack at any given time of day. Last year around this time, I was absolutely terrified that going to college and not pursuing a degree in theatre meant having to leave behind such an important part of my life. However, my passion for the art never subsided, and thankfully neither did the opportunities to be a part of and to create such art.


Last semester, I joined the University Theatre Guild as a wide-eyed, terrified freshman looking for a place in this huge University that would allow me to continue acting, while pursuing my degree in Computer Science. This organization not only did that, but it also introduced me to my new best friends and helped me assimilate to the collegiate lifestyle. Last semester, I acted in our production of the play Rainy Day People, and this semester I took on the role of being assistant director (talk about stress, amiright??) for Seymour the Cannibal, a play written by one of my friends.


Seymour had its debut and run last weekend after a long, grueling week of tech, all-nighters, and basically living in the Blackbox Theatre. With two first-time directors and a student-written script, we had a lot of work ahead of us, but I could not be prouder of how everything came together and worked beautifully in the end. Our cast was amazing and talented, our techies and crew were hardworking and incredibly dedicated, our director/ good friend, Will, had amazing and unique ideas to implement, and our stage manager, Aaliyah, was fantastic as always and kept us on schedule and on track. Our shows went smoothly and the end result was both hilarious and entertaining as we told the story of our good friend Seymour the Cannibal. I am so incredibly proud of this cast and crew. I would like to thank everyone involved in this production for the memories, for putting up with me every day in rehearsals, and for allowing this little freshman to try her hand at a directing role. It was truly an amazing experience that helped me grow exponentially as an artist, a leader, and a thespian. I hope to direct something again in the not-so-distant future. However, until then, you can catch me vigorously catching up on all the programming that had to be put aside during tech week and still crying over the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack.



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