Pageant Workshop

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Would you like the chance to hone your walk? Get feedback on your resume? Mock interview with a judge? Practice speaking with a microphone? Try out answering onstage questions? American Pageants would like to invite you to attend a free pageant workshop to do all of the above! Yes, FREE! Everyone is welcome. Do you participate in or hold a title in a different pageant system? You are invited! Never competed in a pageant but want some experience? This is the event for you!

Would you like to find out more about available appointed titles, our national pageant and judging criteria? This workshop will have a bit of everything you need! The event will foster fun, friendship, self-improvement and self-confidence. Each participant will have the experience of meeting and making friends with other outstanding young women throughout the state while working on useful skills.

Workshop dates and locations are below. Register today! No obligation! Please feel free to contact the National Office with any questions. Want more information about American Pageants? Details are linked below.


8:00AM Registration
8:30AM Welcome
Resume Building
General Awareness Prep
Judge’s Interview
Personality Projection and Poise – Walking Onstage
Personal Introduction
Onstage Questions
Optional Events
Open Discussion
12:00PM Conclusion

Event Schedule

June 10, 2018 – Atlanta, Georgia – Details

Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
Atlanta, Georgia


National Pageant

The American Pageants National Pageant will be held November 21-28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. The host hotel is the Hyatt Regency Orlando! We will be crowning five national titleholders: Little Miss of America, Young Miss of America, Junior Miss of America, Miss Teen of America and Miss of America.

American Pageants Testimonial


The Miss Teen of America Scholarship Pageant completely changed the trajectory of my life. I was a girl from a small, rural town who never dreamed of competing in a pageant. I applied to the pageant on a whim, because my best friend thought it would be something fun for us to do, to meet other teen girls like us, over an otherwise dull summer. I never anticipated that I would win Miss Teen of New York, or go on to be chosen as Miss Teen of America, but that is exactly what happened. My final two years of high school leading into college were completely transformed. My entire world was expanded. Whereas I had not really travelled outside of my small town, I suddenly was traveling all over the United States and Australia. I served as the youth ambassador for an anti-smoking organization, giving speeches in front of the American Cancer Society, rallies, and state legislative breakfasts. I met with youth groups and spoke with them about leadership and character. Most importantly, I made the most amazing friends with the women of this organization that will last my entire lifetime. One such friend, another state titleholder, encouraged me to apply to Yale University, where she was a freshman at the time. Prior to my involvement with Miss Teen of America, I would have never had the confidence in myself or my abilities to have applied to a school like Yale. Eight years have passed since I received the title of Miss Teen of America, and I have since graduated from Yale with a degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and am now halfway through my law degree at Notre Dame Law School. I would have never had taken the leap of faith to apply to Yale (nor have had the credentials on my application) were it not for the Miss Teen of America Scholarship Pageant. Miss Teen of America has given me so many amazing experiences, skills, and a family that the thought of what would have happened to my life had I not competed in the pageant scares me. I would encourage any young woman who wants to make the absolute most out of her life and her abilities to apply for the Miss Teen of America Pageant. It can absolutely change your life.


Carlene Miller
Miss Teen of New York,
Miss Teen of America


Click for additional testimonials from candidates, titleholders and parents


The America Pageants Organization is proud of our alliance with Special Olympics Minnesota to spread inclusion across the country. Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, a world in which every single person is accepted and welcomed regardless of ability or disability.