Young Miss of America 2018

Lindy Harano

Lindy Harano was crowned Young Miss of Texas in San Antonio and went on to be crowned Young Miss of America in Orlando in November. Lindy loves children and is very excited to hold both of her titles and hopes to use them to help local children in her community.

Lindy is a 5th grader at the Academy at Nola Dunn in Burleson, TX where she is very active in Math and Art Club and serves as a Special Events Ambassador. She is also a involved in the Talented and Gifted Program. Lindy scored in the 100th percentile in the Texas STAAR Test and has won her schools Reading Bee and went on the compete with other winners at the State Reading Bee competition. Lindy has high grades and is helpful in the class and at school helping others with her love of learning. She loves children and helps tutor the younger students in Physical Education, Spanish, Music and Art. She is active with the Kindergarteners and acts as a Big Buddy to help them navigate the new school and have a productive and stress-free year. She also volunteers with the schools Food Drive and helps her class with collecting blankets and clothes for the local homeless shelter.

Lindy has danced since she was 3 and has competed since the age of 5. She has performed with her team and by herself at local fundraisers and community functions. She especially loves performing at the local nursing home and visiting with the residence. She helps several elderly people in the neighborhood and around town by helping with Meals on Wheels and helping with whatever chores they need done. Recently she had the opportunity to volunteer at the local chapter of the Texas Association of Young Children by taking part in their yearly event The Week of the Child where she led young low income children in various activities that help them appreciate nature through sensory activities. Shortly after winning her Texas title, Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas and the Houston area, she chose to use a portion of the sponsorship money she received to compete to help victims the disaster. Lindy has yet to settle on a specific charitable platform and instead likes to help in her community in any way she can.

Lindy has recently started a campaign to help Special Olympics by collecting Coke points which donates a portion of every code entered to the local chapters. She has also started a campaign to collect soda can tabs which she donates to the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth Texas and enjoys visiting the resident children while she is there.

Lindy would love to thank American Pageants for giving her the opportunity to serve as Young Miss of America 2018 and looks forward to the next year and hopes to use her title to do more volunteer work.

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